A Digital Love Triangle

1 min readSep 16, 2023
Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash


I met 5087 when I received my first ATM card.
5087 had come along as a pin.
Because of our memorable meeting, they became my go-to digits.
Phone passcode? 5087.
Shortcut for a phone number? 5087.
5087 and I were going to be best friends forever.
Or so I thought.
Until I met 1725.

We met at my workplace. 1725 had come along as the computer password.
1725 made me nostalgic.
1725 reminded me of my country, where mobile phone numbers started with 17 or 77.
1725 became my computer password.
I used 5087 mindlessly; 1725 never left my mind.

I was obsessed.
1725 was so simple, yet it left a huge impression on me.

But it wasn’t meant to be.
Our flame burnt bright but died just as quickly.
I missed 5087, 1725’s predecessor.
1725 reminded me of home; 5087 was home.

It is true what they say.
You can never forget your first.
I met 5087 when I was young.
Since then, I have met countless more.
Yet even in an ocean of numbers, I would recognize 5087.

5087 is in my blood like a vitamin I take daily.




Trying to make sense of myself and everything around me through short stories and essays.