Trying To Breathe While Drowning

2 min readJan 7, 2023
Photo by Cristian Palmer on Unsplash

Imagine diving into the ocean. As you dive deeper, you are enveloped in darkness.

You glance back and realize it’s already night. The sun has abandoned you, and it’s the moon watching.

‘I should head back,’ you think as you dive deeper and reach the point where the moon’s no longer visible.

Suddenly, you are terrified.

You are lost.

You are alone.

You are drowning.

A tiny, insignificant bean like you has no chance of surviving in this vast ocean, you think, as a life that was as uneventful as boiling a pot full of spaghetti flashes before your eyes.

By now, your body has stopped responding to your weak commands.

You watch yourself go deeper and deeper, agonized by the feeling of helplessness yet somewhat relieved.

The darkness is no longer scary; it embraces all your flaws and insignificance.

Going back up is more terrifying than spending an eternity in this darkness.

You smile and accept your fate.

Photo by Michael Milverton on Unsplash




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