What We Value

1 min readMay 15, 2022
Photo by micheile dot com on Unsplash

It’s scary how we choose to give value to one thing and none to the other.

Pet dogs and stray dogs are the same species, yet most of us tend to the former like an adored child while looking down on the latter. Why can most stray dogs not become pets while all pet dogs can become stray dogs? Who decides the cans and cannots if not us?

Ketchups are affordable and readily available. If we limit the production number to a hundred, its price will increase dramatically. After all, its scarcity would make it a precious commodity. Would the taste be any different? If we paid the premium, we might choose to believe the taste is superb and nothing like anything we have ever tasted before.

Jewels are no different. Precious stones? More like colourful glasses. If the majority believed jewels to be just another stone, would we long for them? We might not even be willing to pay a small price.

We covet the things everybody else seems to like.

Whether we actually find value in all those things is a mystery.




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